About company
The company "SEWING FACTORY "NOZHYTSI" offers to tailor under the order of large and small batches. We work with businesses and individuals. 
Years of productive work, modern equipment, and professionalism of employees allow you to implement any ideas and sew clothes at the best prices.
Our advantages
Careful quality control at each stage
Accurate adherence to orders and execution of all stages of work
Successful execution of orders of any volume!
Our team

We highly value our clients and partners, trying to meet the criteria of high professionalism, fulfilling the set tasks qualitatively. Progressive, responsible and successful are the words that characterize the clients and partners of SCISSORS SEWING FACTORY. of mutually beneficial cooperation PE "SEWING FACTORY" SCISSORS "managed to create strong partnerships with the enterprises of the Central region and Ukraine as a whole.

Our partners

One should not, however, forget that the further development of various forms of activity is an interesting experiment of checking the appropriate conditions for activation. A diverse and rich experience of constant quantitative growth and the scope of our activity largely determines the creation of significant financial and administrative conditions. It should not be, however, forgotten that the new model of organizational activity is an interesting experiment to test further development trends.

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